About myself

Remember the good things...

What is really happening when I press the shutter? Why does my eye stop on one image? Since I went back to photography, those questions keep taunting me. Another topic is how do we use memories to build more memories?

I was born in 1953. Like a lot of baby-boomers, I have lived a few lives. When I was 25, after having travelled and rambled about, I decided to give photography a try. I was then lucky enpugh to meet and to work for the photographer and humanist Oswald Ruppen, who taught me most of what I know today about aesthetics and the meaning of taking pictures.

After that experience, I set up a small studio and wrote a lot about photography as an art, in the intellectual wave that followed Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag's works. After seven years of that life, I brutally stepped out, being unable to stand the daily frustrations of everyday photography. I reacted by turning to financial computing and I did not take a single picture in the next fifteen years.

One sunny morning in 2005 in Uji, Japan, everything came back in a rush and I started shooting again, actually gorging myself. I still do to that day. In 2011, I joined the Une Par Jour Group (www.uneparjour.org) whithin which I produce and post one picture everyday. That pinned photography as a very central activity in my daily life and gave me the energy to launch a few projects like this site.

In the middle term, I intend to mount an exhibition about my winter sunless months, a series of photography courses centered on making a book, a transmedia work with a House music DJ,

notwithstanding what I will think about tomorrow...